Hydra-Cell High Pressure Coolant Pumps


High presure coolant pump for up to 8 GPM at 1000 PSICNC Machining Center with pair of Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pumps

Hydra-Cell™ high pressure coolant pumps have set the standard for reliability due to their sealless design; they do not have cups, packing or mechanical seals which eventually leak and need replacement.  This enhanced reliability pumping reclaimed coolant directly translates into savings for the user via increased productivity because the Hydra-Cell™ design ensures minimal maintenance and down time.  The only maintenance ever required are new check valves and an oil change approximately every 6000 hours.



40 Years designed in USA

Conventional coolant pumps require fine filtration, in some instances as low as 25 microns.  Filtering coolants to that degree can remove the very additives that enhance their performance. Over-filtering your coolant also results in high filtration costs (media cost, storage, labor and disposal).


Hydra-Cell™ high pressure coolant pumps are generally protected with a 40 mesh (400 micron) screen or filter bag, so your filtration is not dictated by our pump but by whatever your rotary union or other system components require.  Reducing the frequency of filter changes also reduces operating and disposal costs, letting you focus on keeping your machines running and maximizing efficiency.


Learn more about the physical design of the Hydra-Cell Pump and how it operates


Our pump packages are inclusive of a pump attached to a motor and mounted to a baseplate.  The related accessories such as a pressure regulating valve, ball valves, pressure gauges and filtration equipment can also be provided to ensure compatibility with your pump system, however we do not provide a "turnkey" system inclusive all of those accessories.


We have organized our site navigation by horizontal pumps (most common, pump assembly lays along the side or on top of the coolant reservoir) and vertical oriented pumps (to replace multistage centrifugal pumps).  Thereafter the most common pump models are listed by their maximum flow rate and pressure capacities.  We also offer larger pumps in support of centralized high pressure coolant delivery systems.


A fundamentally key aspect for proper pump sizing (pump capacity and motor horsepower) is asking your tooling supplier for the flow rate required to achieve the desired operating pressure of the largest tool used.  Your supplier will have this information readily available and with it we can establish the pump model and motor horsepower required.


The system components tab describes individual components, providing a picture, explaining its purpose, features and benefits.


Our relationship with Eaton Hydraulics Filtration Division provides us with access to their strainers, bag filters and sump cleaning systems, hence our navigation tab regarding coolant filtration might be of interest.


The next step is to send us an inquiry using our high pressure coolant pump inquiry form, because it prompts you for the necessary information for us to properly size a pump system.  We typically reply the same day or within 24 hours after receipt of your email.  We are also available via phone at 908.362.9981, so we can begin to answer your questions and size your pump immediately!