Pump and Motor Baseplate


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A pump and motor baseplate is an optional item used to rigidly align the pump and motor shafts as well as to enable the pump assembly to be affixed to whatever it is installed onto.  They are not always required because most of our pumps have rigid adapters enabling the motor feet to be affixed directy to the coolant resovoir, but if you are installing your system alongside a coolant tank you will require a pump/motor baseplate.


The baseplates used for our high pressure coolant pump systems feature a thoughtful design.  The pump and/or the motor side of the baseplate is designed to provide proper pump and motor shaft alignment which is important for non-adapter pump systems.

The baseplates are designed for a range of motor frame sizes and a really convenient feature are the welded nuts under the baseplate, because that means mounting bolts can be installed and removed from the topside.


The standard design for our high pressure coolant pump systems has a durable powder epoxy coated finish and we can provide baseplates made of 304L stainless steel for harsh environments.