D15 Hydra-Cell High Pressure Coolant Pumps


D15 High Pressure Coolant Pump for pressures up to 2500 PSI

$14,579 and 18 week lead time


D15 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pumps are used for applications where the pressure required is between 1000 and 2500 PSI.  As illustrated above, the Hydra-cell D15 is designed to mount horizontally along the side of the machining center or perhaps on top of the coolant sump.  The D17 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pump is a modified version to enable vertical installation such that the pump head would sit within the coolant sump.


You will also notice that in the above picture there is no pump/motor baseplate; that's an optional item.  The pump/motor adapter is ridged enough to support the Hydra-Cell D15 pump without the need for support underneath the pump.  If it will be laid onto the floor alongside the machining center a baseplate would probably be required.


D15 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pumps are a sealless design, meaning they have no cups, packing or mechanical seals characteristic of piston, plunger and multi-stage centrifugal pumps.  Why is this important?



The fines within reclaimed coolant damage seals used by other pump designs and since Hydra-Cell D15 pumps don't have those we are much more reliable.  The only maintenance required are replacing the 2 quarts of 10W30 synthetic motor oil every 2000 hours of use and replacing the check valves every 6000-9000+ hours of use.  Changing the check valves does not require any special tools or training; it can be done on-the-spot and likely within 2 hours.


The sealless design of D15 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pumps also means that you can size your filtration to protect your other equipment, perhaps your rotary unions or tooling.  Pumps that have cups, packing and seals often recommend protecting their pumps with very fine filtration, sometimes 25 microns or less.  The Hydra-Cell D15 coolant pump is adequately protected with a 20 mesh screen (800 micron filter bag) so you could reduce the cost of your filter media and frequency of replacement.  Besides, over-filtering your coolant might strip-out the very additives the manufacturer adds to it to minimize foaming and extend its useful life!


D15 Hydra-Cell coolant pumps can output as much as 15 GPM at lower pressures and up to 10 GPM at its maximum pressure of 2500 PSI.  Your tooling supplier will need to advise you  of the flow rate required for your largest tool for the desired operating pressure - that will dictate the pump capacity required.  From there either an 1800 RPM or 1200 RPM motor would be used to get close to your desired flow rate and the pressure regulating valve would bypass any excess flow ensuring that no matter which tool is used the pressure will remain constant.


As pictured at the top of the page, the pump/motor system consists of pump p/n D15EABGHFECA, 20 HP motor p/n M2000TE12F3P286TCA3, pump/motor adapter p/n A04-041-1202 and shaft coupling p/n A04-048-1204.  The optional baseplate for this pump/motor combination is p/n 104-800 and the pressure regulating valve would be p/n C62ABBVSSEF.


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