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Model D10 Hydra-Cell High Pressure Coolant Pump

$5,209 and 8 week lead time


D10 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pumps are the most popular size for individual CNC machining centers.  Although capable of flow rates up to 8.8 GPM and pressures up to 1000 PSI, they are often configured to output 5¾ GPM to minimize the motor size and amount of by-passed coolant.  Hydra-Cell D10 coolant pumps are designed to be installed horizontally alongside or on top of the coolant reservoir. The D12 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pump is the same pump customized to be installed vertically such that the pump head is inserted into your coolant sump.

Illustrated above is a complete pump and motor assembly consisting of the pump (p/n D10EKCGHFECA), 5 HP 1200 RPM motor (/nN M500TE12F3P215TCA3), a pump/motor adapter (p/n A04-002-1200), pump/motor shaft coupling (p/n A04-038-1203) and baseplate (p/n 104-032).  When we supply the complete assembly it looks like the above and arrives fully tested and strapped to a pallet.  The pressure regulating valve for the D10 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pump is p/n C62ABBVSSEF.


Unlike screw, piston, centrifugal and gear pumps, Hydra-Cell D10 coolant pumps are not effected by the fines suspended in recycled coolant.  Those other pumps have mechanical seals and packing which will wear-out and leak over time ... sometimes pretty quickly.  They are also dependent upon the coolant pumped for cooling and lubrication, thus start-ups and self-priming are "issues" for our competition.


Hydra-Cell D10 coolant pumps have no cups, packing or mechanical seals; they are self-priming and since they are unaffected by the fluid pumped there's no concern about self-priming frequently if that happens to be your situation.  The internal check valves within the pump tend to retain prime to provide instant flow and pressure even if your system has been shut off for several days.


The check valves only require a 40 mesh screen to protect them from fouling (equivalent to a 400 micron filter bag).  Piston and multi-stage centrifugal pumps will often recommend filtering your coolant to as low as 25 microns to protect the pump!  That increases the cost of your filter media, the frequency of maintenance and, perhaps often overlooked, might strip your coolant of the very additives the manufacturer uses to reduce foaming and extend coolant life.


D10 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pumps help simplify your system and reduce your filtration requirements to whatever your rotary union or tooling requires.  If you have #2 bag filter housings we can replace the bag holder with a 40 mesh lined version and even a magnetic insert to eliminate filter bag purchases, inventory, maintenance and disposal.


Maintenance for Hydra-Cell D10 pumps consists of 1 quart oil changes (over-the-counter 10W30 synthetic oil) every 2000 hours of use and check valve replacement every 6000-9000+ hours of use.  Replacing the check valves requires no special tools or training and is relatively inexpensive.  When we provide this service it takes about 90 minutes from start to finish.  Unlike other pumps, check valve wear is not "catastrophic"; as check valves wear the ability to maintain pressure decreases and becomes rougher running - that's when you know its time to swap-out the valves.

Following are links to the catalog pages, IOM manual and parts manual for the model D10 Hydra-Cell pump.  We can generally ship fluid end kits the same or next day your order is received and pump lead times typically range from 2-3 weeks; add a week if we are supplying a complete pump/motor skid.


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