D12 Hydra-Cell High Pressure Coolant Pumps

Vertical machine tool coolant pumps


High Pressure Coolant Pump Model D12 for replacing Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pumps

$5,638 and 8 week lead time


D12 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pumps are the vertical configuration of the D10 Hydra-Cell coolant pump for replacing vertical multi-stage centrifugal pumps or for customers desiring to save floor space. Hydra-Cell D12 coolant pumps are designed to have the pump head submerged into the coolant sump and typically have a coarse (40 mesh) suction screen installed on the inlet port to prevent fouling of the internal check valves.


The sealless design of the D12 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pump not only reduces the level of filtration required but also contributes to a very reliable system requiring hardly any maintenance.  The oil is changed every 2000-3000 hours of use (1 quart of synthetic motor oil) and the check valves will likely need replacement every 6000-9000+ hours of use.  There's no special tools or training required for replacing the check valves; it takes us about 90 minutes and the cost of the check valve kit is inexpensive.


Our catalog pages and IOM manual (below) illustrate the minimum dimensions of the sump to ensure it will fit.  The pump body is designed to be hinged for easier access to replace the check valves without having to remove the pump from the machining center.  It also has a special port for installation of the pressure regulating valve.

Access to pump head for service via hinged body

The way D12 Hydra-Cell high pressure pumps are typically configured is with a 5 HP 1200 RPM motor to deliver 5¾ GPM of coolant at pressures up to 1000 PSI.  You need to check with your tooling supplier for the flow rate required for your largest tool to operate at the desired pressure, information they have readily available.  If necessary we can supply Hydra-Cell D12 coolant pumps with a 7½ HP 1800 RPM motor to boost the flow rate up to 8.8 GPM.


The pump outputs its flow and the pressure regulating valve bypasses the extra flow not required for your tool, so there's no speed adjustment or programming required.  Just let the pump run and no matter the tool, you will receive the desired pressure as set by the pressure regulating valve.


Illustrated above is just the Hydra-Cell D12 pump (p/n D12EKCGHFECA) and pressure regulating valve (p/n C62ABBVSSEF) with valve tube accessory (p/n A04-008-1200).  A motor and a pump/motor shaft coupling are also required; part numbers vary depending upon the horsepower required.

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