High Pressure Coolant Applications


high pressure through the tool coolant delivery


It is now generally known that supplying coolant at high pressure and velocity provides many benefits.  Most notably high pressure coolant improves chip breakage and ejection, supporting improved surface finishes and extending tool life.  High pressure coolant allows for higher machining speeds and feed rates, enhancing overall efficiency.


High Pressure Coolant for High Speed Grinding


high pressure grinding


High speed grinding applications require the coolant to be applied to the surface at a sufficient velocity to clean and cool the grinding tool.  The velocity of the coolant must exceed the tool surface to which it is applied to penetrate the superheated steam barrier that results from the grinding process.

The coolant will contain particles that are abrasive and problematic for conventional pumps having cups, packing and seals; using our sealless pumps eliminates wear and leakage concern while reducing your filtration requirements.


High Pressure Coolant for Milling Applications


high pressure milling


Milling applications also benefit from high pressure coolant, primarily from better contact between the tool and product, enhancing cooling and extending tool life.  The high velocities associated with high pressure coolant aid help blow chips and debris away from the tool interface, thus you aren't re-cutting material which accelerates tool wear and effects the surface finish of the product.

As with grinding applications, the recycled coolant will have fines in it that damage other types of pumps.  It is possible (and expensive) to filter your reclaimed coolant to very fine levels, however realize that many of the additives which enhance coolant performance can be "filtered-out" once you start filtering <25 microns.  Our pumps will easily handle particles up to 250 microns, so you can reduce your filtration to what is needed to protect other system components such as your rotary unions.


High Pressure Coolant for Turning and Lathing Applications


High pressure turning


Turning/lathing centers generally benefit in the same ways as the other applications mentioned above except the coolant is typically not traveling through the tool.  The primary advantage for turning/lathing applications is reduction of thermal shock which contributes to premature tool failure.  You must have sufficient mass at high velocity to penetrate the vapor barrier which forms from the friction between the product and tool.

The flow rates for high pressure coolant systems used in lathes tends to be on the low side, ≤ 3 GPM and thus our M03 systems are commonplace for turning centers.


High Pressure Coolant for through-the-tool Drilling Applications


gun drilling


Deep hole drilling, sometimes referred to as "gun drilling" as related to drilling gun and rifle barrels is another very common high pressure coolant application.

Drilling applications benefit most from enhanced chip breakage and ejection associated with high velocity coolant.  As with milling applications, this reduces tool wear related to re-cutting chips.  In a drilling application better ejection of material also equates to reduced tool deflection, enabling tighter tolerances.