D04 Hydra-Cell High Pressure Coolant Pumps


D04 High Pressure Coolant Pump for up to 3 GPM and up to 2,500 PSI


D04 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pumps are a modified version of the M03 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pumps to output pressures >1000 PSI (up to 2500 PSI). High speed grinding tool cleaning and smaller through the tool coolant drilling applications benefit from higher velocity coolant delivered at pressures over 1000 PSI.


D04 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pumps are designed to be installed horizontally alongside the machining center, they provide very quiet, pulse-free flow of coolant within a range of 0.15 to 2.9 GPM and typically for pressures 1000>2500 PSI.  D04 Hydra-Cell pumps have a maximum free passage of approximately 0.016" and therefore an 80 mesh screen or 200 micron filter bag are sufficient to prevent the pump check valves from fouling.  This highlights the great benefit of our sealless design, you can size your filtration according to other system components and hopefully use a coarser (less expensive) filter media.  We can supply mesh lined baskets for your coolant filter housings to eliminate filter bag use altogether.


The most common configuration for D04 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pumps is illustrated above and consists of the pump (P/N D04XABGHFECG), motor (P/N M500TE18F3P184TCA3), pump/motor baseplate (P/N 104-000), pump/motor adapter (P/N A04-002-1202) and pump/motor shaft coupling (P/N A04-028-1205).  The matching sealless pressure regulating valve is P/N C62ABBVSSEF.


Pumps typically have a 2-3 week lead time, add about 1-2 weeks for a complete pump and motor package as illustrated above.  Parts typically ship within 1-5 days. 


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