M03 Hydra-Cell High Pressure Coolant Pumps


M03 High Pressure Coolant Pump for up to 3 GPM at 1200 PSI

$3,988 and 10 week lead time


M03 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pumps are typically applied for lower flow rate applications involving lathing centers and grinding tool unloading applications. Hydra-Cell M03 pumps are capable of flow rates from 0.06 to 3 GPM at pressures up to 1200 PSI.  If your application requires higher pressure (velocity) consider the D04 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pump.


Hydra-Cell M03 coolant pumps are installed horizontally alongside or on top of a coolant reservoir.  The maximum free passage is approximately 1/64" (0.015625") and thus adequately protected with only a 100 mesh strainer screen, equivalent to a 150 micron filter bag.  Therefore there's no need to over-filter your coolant, potentially stripping out the additives which enhance coolant performance.  When you use a multi-stage centrifugal, piston or gear pump they require a very fine level of filtration, often ≤ 25 microns.  Really fine filter media is also more expensive, so the M03 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pump contributes to a reliable system and minimal maintenance.


The only wear items for Hydra-Cell M03 pumps are the check valve assemblies and you can expect anywhere from 6000 to 9000+ hours of use before they need replacement; its an easy task requiring no special tools or training and relatively inexpensive.  The synthetic motor oil used within the hydraulic end of the M03 pump should be changed every 2000 hours of use or when changing the check valves.


The pump/motor assembly illustrated above consists of a pump (P/N M03XKBGHFECA), motor (P/N M200TE18F3P56CA2) and pump/motor baseplate (P/N 104-052).  The baseplate is an optional item, you may elect to mount the motor to your own substrate.  The M03 Hydra-Cell pump has a hollow pump shaft and therefore the motor shaft slides into the M03 pump and is held together with four cap screws.  The pressure regulating valve used with the M03 Hydra-Cell pump is P/N C62ABBVSSEF.


The lead time for an M03 Hydra-Cell high pressure coolant pump is typically 2-3 weeks; when ordered with a motor an extra week might be required.

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