Coolant Sump Filter System Simplifies Cleaning

FloWash Basic Coolant Sump Filter


The FloWash portable filter cart helps keep machine coolants, hydraulic oils and other fluids cleaner, saving time and reducing waste.

Machining processes generate fines which become entrained within coolant that is used for keeping tools lubricated, cool, clean, better chip ejection and breakage.  These fines need to be removed prior to being re-used to protect various components of the coolant system, such as pumps, rotary unions and tooling.

The heaviest and largest materials are removed mechanically and with baffled coolant reservoirs; fine filtration using conventional bag filter housings provide the final level of filtration.

Overtime the coolant sumps accumulate solids and they need to be periodically cleaned.  Until now, this was largely a labor intensive task, requiring someone to drain the sump, shovel-out the debris and re-fill with coolant.  This routine also requires shutting the machining center down.

The FloWash filter system, which can be portable as illustrated or as a fixed "in-line" configuration, performs essentially like an industrial duty shop vacuum, sucking-up all the dirty coolant and debris within the sump, filtering-out the particles and returning the coolant back to the sump for reuse.

This results in less coolant loss, reducing annual consumption and it also promotes cleaner coolant which is essential for the machining process due to the relative ease of cleaning-out sumps.

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Click the following link for the FloWash portable coolant filter system, including specifications and IOM manual.